Our Range of 3-phase 400amp distribution boards provides a flexible solution to any temporary event power situation.

We understand the fragile and often critical nature of various distribution applications, meaning that Progen Power offer extensive ‘off the shelf’ and purpose-built distribution equipment for specialist areas such as outside broadcast utilities and events.

• 400/3 Powerlock Inlets protected by 400A Main MCCB
• Unprotected link thru out
• Earth Stud (M12)
• Power Meter on Incoming Supply

• 3x 16/1 Panel Sockets protected by 3x 16A 30mA RCBOs 
• 3x 32/1 Panel Sockets protected by 3x 32A 30mA RCBOs 
• 4x 32/3 Panel Sockets protected by 4x 32A 4P MCBs c/w earth leakage protection & keyswitch 
• 3x 63/3 Panel Sockets protected by 3x 63A 4P MCBs c/w earth leakage protection & keyswitch 
• 3x 125/3 Panel Sockets protected by 3x 125A 4P MCBs c/w earth leakage protection & keyswitch 
• In Stainless Steel frame c/w forklift pockets.


Discover an extensive selection of 3 phase power distribution boards, meticulously crafted for construction projects and temporary electrical installations. At our core, we prioritise customisation to meet the unique demands of each project, ensuring seamless integration. 

Our diverse range of distribution boards caters to unique projects specific needs.

Our array of electrical distribution boards and cables spans both single and three-phase options, featuring inlets ranging from 125A three-phase to 13A single-phase. What sets us apart is the comprehensive protection our products offer, equipped with MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, and subjected to rigorous testing and certification. Each item in our hire stock is a testament to quality and reliability.

Tailoring solutions for your project's requirements is our expertise. We understand that no two projects are alike, and our commitment to customisation is reflected in our adaptable distribution boards. From construction sites to temporary installations, our boards are designed to deliver optimum performance, meeting the demands of your unique setup.

Opting for our distribution boards means choosing a seamless blend of flexibility and functionality. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the product – it encompasses the entire experience, from the moment you express your requirements to the final deployment.

Whether you're seeking a temporary power solution for a construction project or planning an event requiring electrical installations, our distribution boards provide a versatile and reliable answer. The availability of single and three-phase options ensures compatibility with a variety of setups, while the inclusion of MCBs, RCDs, and RCBOs guarantees the safety of your electrical systems.